16 January, 2013

Swiss San Francisco groovy plane

via sfcitizen.com

SWISS A340 with striking San 
Francisco-themed design.
via sfcitizen.com

When I was creating my last post about San Francisco, Patrick gave me an idea that I could write a new post about this wonderful plane! 
And I wrote this post with his help..:-)

Swiss calls the colorful plane a "tribute to the West Coast city's famed past." The final design is the result of a contest held in Switzerland.

Swiss operates the San Francisco service six days a week. 

Swiss design is in many ways associated with lovely, neat. practical design... Like the Helvetica font which is so easy to read!

However, When it came to flying to San Francisco for the first time in many years, the airline Swiss International abandoned their traditional 'clean' logo and design and opted for this fabulously grovvy hippy era 1960's logo...

Frankly we love it! In fact, this is probably the plane the Vistula Design team would most like to fly in right now!

The fact that it goes to sensational San Francisco is an added bonus!

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