07 January, 2013

McLaren Symmetry

McLaren Symmetry copyright Patrick L Young, 2012.

As my inspiration in design matters came from the world of cars in my childhood, it seems only fair to include some posts with an automotive flavour.

During a visit to London this summer, there was an exhibition on British contemporary engineering at the Science Museum and McLaren had this arresting stand displaying a formula one car hanging from the ceiling and on the ground, their magnificent road car, the MP4-12C.

This elegant 'mirror image' is itself an interesting design concept, inferring the old adage that essentially formula one cars have so much downforce they could drive around upside down on your living room ceiling...

The MP4-12C was designed by Frank Stephenson, who has in the past noted that he can find inspiration everywhere, from: "things on the sidewalk, the type of tiles, the paintings on the signs, there's always something to inspire you." He has a deep passion for biology and evolution, looking to the animal kingdom for design, and seeking to deploy biomimicry...