27 January, 2013

DIY industrial transparent jewellery by Ivania Carpio

As a fan of everyting which is stark and simple I just had to do a post about this kind of jewellery.
My biggest inspiration (not only in making jewellery but in the whole aspect of DIY) is Ivania Carpio
(from blog www.love-aesthetics.blogspot.com).

She's made the greatest chokers ever!

via love-aesthetics.blogspot.com /copyright Ivania Carpio

Ivania wearing the choker / love-aesthetics.blogspot.com
The second thing she's made were these beautiful cuffs. I hate this trend, I remember nearly every girl wearing those big gold cuffs that were grabbing all possible attention so nobody could see how the rest of the stylization looks like... And all this shitty glittetr involved.

These are the only ones that I could wear. They are so SOFT&LIGHT (I guess they're good words to describe that)

via love-aesthetics.blogspot.com

There's also a similar belt. I wish I could do all of these on my own. Maybe someday I'll try.
The only thing I know is that Ivania has made them with the help of oven (sic! huh?). When the PCV was warm and malleable she bent it.

via love-aesthetics.blogspot.com

via love-aesthetics.blogspot.com

If you're interested in fashion but in this "different kind", also if you're a minimalist or you have many ideas how to design your own clothes I can tell you, this blog is the best place you can go online.

At the end of this post I wanted to say "Thank you" to Ivania.
Hope that you will inspire me even more in the future!

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