29 January, 2013

Sensational Seoul

Sensational Seoul

For Europeans who want to see the future, it remains a truism that you need to visit the mega cities of South-East Asia. Tokyo is sensational, Singapore and Hong Kong incredible in their own ways and then to mention a fourth (without touching the Chinese mainland) there is Seoul.

From Walker Hill you can see the "DMZ" (DeMilitarized Zone) which runs across the border with North Korea, barely an hour away from the massive bath (which if you need help, the staff even offer to come and fill for you!)...

Welcome to the "W" Walker Hill... a hotel which oozes a sense of the ultra-contemporary yet is actually over a decade old: the hotel opened in August 2002.

The rather unique design of the rooms speaks for itself and, as can be seen from the way the slippers are set out, there is a delightful attention to detail everywhere, including at 'turn down.'

The first "W" hotel from Starwood Group to open in South-East Asia, the hotel was simply incredible...utterly impeccable service and the rooms are fantastic. Restaurants and bars were fabulous but then again I am biased as the Head Chef is Ciaran Hickey, who hails from Dublin.

With a pool, fitness area, various restaurants, a health bar, and some great cocktails at the main bar, it was simply impossible to fault the W Hotel in Seoul...moreover for those craving the excitement of Gangnam, the district is barely 15 minutes away!

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