01 January, 2013

Hi there!

New year always brings us new aims. Kind of every-365-days new beginning in our lives.
But that's enough of philosophy talk.

May we introduce ourselves: we're Vistula Team!

We are from Toruń, Poland.
We love design in all of the aspects possibile - interiors (which is the one where design is quite obvious), daily necessities, instruments or even tattoo design and many many more.
There are 7 members of our team: Anna, Beata, Dominika, Joanna, Monika, Patrick and Paulina.

Our aim (not only for the year 2013;)) is to inspire. Also we'd like to share great ideas found on the internet, help to develop young artists.

Every member of our team has different style this is the reason why I suppose that any visitor would find something for themselves :)

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