16 January, 2013

Headphones: design of sound

As a musician headphones are to me like a toothbrush for average human.
I wear them everywhere (even when it's a formal meeting) and no matter of weather conditions.

I don't believe in earbuds, they have poor quality of sound (which is the first thing I'm looking at when I have to buy new pair). Second is obviously design. They have to be simple and elegant (sic! elegant headphones)

My first ones were Pioneer SE-CE10-XK. I loved them because they were better than the average ones that my school mates had and they were cheap (about 35 PLN).

via kgnet.eu

They also had a funky case. I guess they wanted it to look like it's a DJ's mixer. I have to say that it was also useful and really small.
via kgnet.e

After I got my Pioneer SE-MJ21 everything changed. I said I would never go back to earbuds.

via megamedia.pl
This time design was important. The reason was - you can hide them with hair.
 Sound was lovely, bass was great too (for a bass player it's most important thing)

I'm thinking about replacing them, they are quite old now, the second thing I want to get sth more stylish.
For example Marshall headphones, there're so beautiful. It's kind of a hybrid between vintage and modernity.
Also I have to admit that I like the idea of the box. (Lately I used old cardboard to make little boxes)
The box is really cute and cheap but the headphones costs 700 PLN which is something that average Polish student can't afford.

Here are some inspiration, unfortunately I don't even know their names. If I knew I would definetely look for them!

I don't own these pics.

omega 01 (I guess)

Skulcandy Aviator via eu.skullcandy.com

via blogcdn.com

Looking for some inspiration I came across these stands. I think that's much better then just to put them on the desk (as I do).
Omega Headphone Stands, via sieveking-sound.de

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