01 January, 2013

Industrial, simplicity, grey, b&w!

Hi, I'm Anna. I'm singer and bass guiter player. Music is my biggest inspiration. For some music is something hard to imagine but I see music. Also I guess my music taste has very big influence on what I like in paintings, interiors and all possible art.

The title tells it all but maybe I'll elaborate it a little bit ;)

I like heavy, kind of dirty interiors. In my future house I'd like to have furniture that are stark, industrial and obviously old. You can find the example below.

photo via Petra Bindel

I absoluely love vintage items; armchair looks like it comes straight from the 70's, well-thumbed with signs on the leather. So adorable. Great contrast with the rest which is strict, white and as simple as possible. Books give there a little bit o colour that would be missing.

Second thing in the title - SIMPLICITY. Oh my, what would I've done without you! I'm complete minimalist especially in clothes. Third thing - grey - my favourite colour (just as black and white).
I think this is the perfect example of my "ideal living room". Big windows - that's another thing I like.

photo via Petra Bindel

So that was a little sneak peek of what I would write about or show you.
Hope that you liked it :)

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