04 January, 2013

Bits & Bytes of Design

Hi, I'm Patrick, and as the one man on the Design Vistula team, I will tend to view things with more of a male viewpoint I suppose!

My interests in the field of design came originally from a passion for cars and have developed as I began to use computers and to travel. I am a pure layman in all aspects of design but fascinated by purity of design, biomimicry and design as applied cleanly, clearly and intelligently to anything from architecture and interiors through books, magazines, the web and all aspects of computing & gadgets etc. Inside me beats the heart of a futurist, having always loved the amazing concepts and designs of Marinetti et al

Having been born in a solid state analogue world, there is never a day that goes by where I am not thankful to have been witnessed the digital revolution exploding in front of me. I was there when they first shipped Sinclair ZX81's and also had a ZX Spectrum and an Amstrad PCW8256 soon after they were first released...

Once upon a time there were no computer dies and frankly from a design perspective, we can now enjoy the best of hand-made and the ultimate in commoditised production...

Moreover, thanks to the wonders of our global digital economy, we can enjoy design from throughout the world...now that's what I call an inspiration!

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