25 February, 2013

Tunnel Spoons

Tunnel Spoons

Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the designer spoons of Eurostar!

In a world where everybody is striving to make their brand different, cutlery can often be a battleground of ideas, fought out between designers in all parts of the world endeavouring to make a unique statement.

In this case, the Eurostar spoons are a fascinatingly narrow waisted effort which look as if Uri Geller could have had them fall apart just by looking at them during his heyday in the 1970's.

Alas, they aren't very practical to actually eat with but then again Eurostar is one of those magnificent inventions where design has been of great importance but which in operation so often tends to be a touch average...then again instead of spending so much money on the spoons, I am one of those old-fashioned types who would just be satisfied if the toilets actually worked (as they haven't on something like 5 of my last 7 trips)...

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