14 February, 2013

Strange Valentine's day

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day. I'm sick of all these hearts and red stuff in restaurants, shopping centers etc. But I'll try to make my "must-have list".

1. Toast stamper (for boys and girls)
only $3,50, maybe it's tacky but it can be fun.
So the great gift would be toasts for breakfast.

via ofthewagonshop.com
2. My no 1 present for your girlfriend
Huuuuuge gummy bear! Everybody loves sweets (oh come on, don't listen to her when she talks she's on a diet, she would love it anyway!)

20 cm tall, 1400 times bigger than the original. Price £35 (impressing...)
Eating it must be kinda hard.
via firebox.com
3. If your boyfriend is a geek/nerd/he loves Star Wars. I guess you just found the perfect gift!
R2D2 cookie jar. Of course you're in a duty to fill them with some great cookies you've made.

via firebox.com
I hope you liked my propositions. Strange gift can be even more awesome that another chocolate box!

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