08 February, 2013

The Virtual Data Pod

Designer Solutions for Big Data

This blog is just one tiny collection of bits, bytes and pixels adding to the world's burgeoning demand for data, a data growth expanded by each of you reading this post and (hopefully) recommending it to others!

I am fortunate to serve on the board of a fascinating, dynamic young business "Data City Exchange" ("dce") which has created a marvellous new concept for 'pods' which create data centres in a modular fashion. The resultant pods which can be standalone or sit within an existing building are not only great at storing and distributing data they are hugely user friendly as each pod is identical and the pods themselves are hugely energy efficient (a massive element of the operating cost in operating a data centre comes from powering the servers themselves and then indeed keeping them cool enough to operate at optimal performance).

Not content with building the state of the art data centre, before the first of the planned network was even complete in Birmingham, England, dce's ace IT gurus had created this wondrous video which in itself is a rather neat piece of design, which accurately provides a walk through the data centre...

Watch the video and enjoy and then ponder how the ergonomics of the modern data centre are themselves helping to shape a more efficient internet which allows blogs like ours to discuss all manner of design brilliance (like the dce data pod!).

Future dce data centres are planned throughout the world delivering efficient, elegant design for big data...

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