09 April, 2013

DIY: Newspaper Decoupage

Decoupage is well known diy art to make your furniture/everything wooden/other stuff special and personalised.

Most people use serviettes for it. Ok, it's look chic but for me sometimes it becomes a bit too granny.

Using the newspaper means not only saving money but also you can have your favourite article placed on your daily necessities.

I decided to change my mini wooden chest of drawers from ikea aka "basic to the core" to make it less boring. Now I'm waiting for big "diy package" from the online shop for artists (maybe I'm one?)

Here are some good examples of this cheap diy thing. Hope that you'll feel inspired.

These books look just perfect /via www.kaboodle.com

 via liveauctioneers.com

via wecknerdesign.com
via pinterest.com

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