15 May, 2013

Concrete cinderella

Concrete - something that normally connotes with something obscure.

Nowadays designers are looking for the "new beauty".

via scoutmob.com

Silver and gold are not really "in" anymore.
First they used glass or other recycled materials, now it's time for concrete.

I will totally get one pair of them!
But watch out - the price is as outstanding as the design - nearby 50 euros. Kinda high price for a little piece of pavement;)
via canoeonline.net

Here as some examples that I found on the internet:
via designreforma.com

Concrete Rings by 22DesignStudio via www.instash.com

Of course the concrete jewellery can look a bit spooky but it's all about details. If we add them to the girly image they will look faboulous.
Beat Poet Concrete Rings via www.instash.com

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